The Results

These results are based on Gravana’s implementation in one school’s seventh-grade English Language Arts classrooms.

Better Test Scores:

  • 22% of students improved one to two levels on the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC).
  • 41.5 average point increase in the Scaled Score of the SBAC for Gravana users.
  • 42% reduction in students scoring Basic in the Writing Component of the SBAC.

Better Academic Retention:

  • On average, Gravana users scored in the top 91% on the language component of the world NWEA assessment – after summer break.

Better Communication:

  • Students improvement in communication skills in other areas of the school (e.g., science and social studies) were praised by educators as well.

This FALL 2016 NWEA data reflects the effect of Gravana after one year of implementation.